Why Sell with Us?

Selling a home is a complicated process, but our team breaks down the process into easy-to-navigate steps, offloading most of the work from you so you can focus on your move. Here are some of the areas where we feel that we stand out during the selling process.

Buy First or Sell First?

Many clients come to us when they outgrow their current space, but do not know where to start with the selling/buying process. We have an in-depth conversation with these clients to understand their goals, their financial situation, the condition of their current home, and their risk tolerance. Once we have the full picture, we outline the risks and advantages of buying first vs. selling first and come up with a plan that works for each unique set of clients. 

Listing Presentation (aka Comparative Market Analysis)

When you interview us as potential listing agents for your home, our goal is to proactively answer all of your questions before you even know to ask them! Our listing presentation consists of a very detailed market analysis that shows you exactly why we think your home will sell for a certain price range, as well as the impact that certain prep work would have on the ultimate sale price. We never rely on a simple price per square foot calculation, or an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). We incorporate all of the qualitative factors that truly add value to a home: room configuration, layout, condition, view, light, noise, curb appeal, outdoor space, and more. We will also give you a recommended list of prep work with ballpark estimates on how much each task might cost. We only recommend updates that will bring you an actual return on your investment. There is no need to wonder how accurate our estimated sale price is for your home, as our Listing History includes not just the list and sale prices for our past listings, but also the original sale price range that we predicted in our listing presentation for each home. We’re all about transparency.

Property Prep

Most of the homes we sell require some prep work before going on the market. Some clients like to be deeply involved, while others prefer to hand us the keys and leave. We have even worked with overseas sellers who never saw the property at all during the prep phase! We know how to take control of a home and make sure that it looks perfect, without spending any unnecessary money. We have trusted vendors to call upon for quotes. We’ll pull together a spreadsheet to show you the various quotes, and help you decide upon which updates you would like to proceed with, and which vendors you choose.  Our recommend vendors tend to be the value players, which means those vendors that meet our very high quality standards while still providing good prices. We are happy to pull in more high-end or budget-minded vendors as needed, and we are always open to working with your own preferred vendors. We schedule the work, ensure that the work is proceeding on schedule and to our standards, take care of any surprises, and organize the payments.  We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting… all you have to do is pay the vendors. Ask us about our program that allows you to pay for the prep work from the proceeds of your sale!


A disclosure package consists of anywhere from 200 – 1200 pages of information about your home, the surrounding area, and general home buying/selling documents. We manage the process of gathering and assembling these disclosures on your behalf.  We will order any third party inspections and reports, assemble all of the mandatory boilerplate disclosures, and work with you to fill out your seller-specific disclosures via our online disclosure management system. We take a very interactive approach to disclosures, reviewing everything that you have provided long before we present the disclosure package to any prospective buyers. We may ask you to add some detail, change some vague wording, or provide additional receipts/reports. Our end goal is that your disclosures are clear and complete, and you are not exposed to the risk of non-disclosure.

Project Management

You never have to wonder where we stand in the process of selling your home, as you can see our full project plan online 24/7. You have direct access to our massive to-do list, our detailed prep & marketing calendar, and logs to show who is coming through your home via open houses and private showings. We also keep a detailed buyer feedback notes, so you can get a feel for how well the showings are going and how many buyers are requesting disclosure packages. 


Our number one goal is to get you the best price that the market will bear. We have experience in all phases of the real estate market, from an extreme buyers’ market with foreclosures and short sales to a highly competitive sellers’ market where demand outpaces the supply of homes.  Here are some examples of how our negotiating skills paid off for our clients.

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Example 1

Strong seller’s market. We had a traditional marketing period with Open Houses over the course of two weeks for this condo. On the offer date, we received 6 offers, with the price going significantly above our estimated sale price range. Rather than just celebrating the strong offers that came in, we reached out to all agents who had requested a disclosure package to find out if they would be also be submitting an offer. One agent didn’t realize the offer date was that day and asked if he could deliver his offer a little late. Of course, we obliged. This winning offer came in $100k higher than the next-highest offer. Had we not proactively reached out to the other buyers’ agents, our clients would have left $100k on the table. We can never guarantee that our clients will get a high offer, but we can certainly guarantee that we will leave no stones unturned in the pursuit of all offers!

Example 2

Strong sellers’ market. This popular condo had a traditional marketing period of 2 weeks with Open Houses. 14 buyers had requested disclosure packages, and four or five buyer groups came back for multiple visits and appeared poised to write offers. On the offer date, we were shocked to receive no offers. Rather than report this distressing news to our sellers, we called every agent who requested disclosures, followed by the agents who showed the property to their clients but did not request disclosures. We had all of this agent contact information handy because of the detailed logs we keep on potentially interested buyers. What we learned was that many buyers assumed the price would go higher than they could spend so they did not write an offer. By that afternoon, we had four solid offers to present to our sellers, and the property sold in the exact range that we originally predicted. Nothing about that sellers’ market would indicate that we should be concerned about a no-offer situation, but we were prepared to handle it nonetheless, and saved our sellers some anxiety in the process!

Example 3

Strong sellers’ market. This single family home was only available for showings for one day before we received a pre-emptive offer at the very top of our predicted sale price range. Because we were in a pandemic, we could not hold an Open House to allow many visitors to see the home at the same time. We were constrained by 30-minute private showing appointments. We did not want to lose this amazing buyer, but we also wanted to ensure that other potential buyers could see the home before we accepted an offer. As a compromise, we advised the sellers to set an offer date for 4 days later, we notified all parties who had scheduled appointments of the new offer date, and we sent an email flyer to all SF agents to notify them of the quick offer date. On the offer date, we received 8 very competitive offers, with the ultimate sale price being $92,000 higher than the pre-emptive offer.

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